Dogs Welcome

To all you parents of pooches who want to bring your dog away with you to enjoy Raemoir, good news, we are dog friendly! There are some guidelines to follow, which our resident canine, Hamish, details below.

As always, please contact us with any questions. 

My Dear Furry Friends,

I am happy to welcome you under my woof, ahem, roof. I do hope that you enjoy your stay at Raemoir, but I do have a few guidelines to ensure you don’t end up in the doghouse.

  • If chasing other animals is more your thing, please be careful and stay on a lead as there are chickens directly behind the house plus stables and farmland surrounding the grounds. We might think we’re just being friendly and playful but the farmers won’t.
  • Raemoir is known for their comfortable beds, but if you want to give it a try, make sure your parents put a blanket down first. If they don’t have one, have them call 0, as they have extra!
  • Even though it may look tempting, please, no bite marks on the furniture! A fine is applied for any fresh marks discovered by housekeeping, even after you have left.

Please take advantage of the vast grounds and the excellent trail that starts behind the house and heads up the Hill of Fare! And if there is anything else you need during your stay, such as canine cuisine, just have your parents ask.

Many Thanks,